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  • What sets the ASSM courses apart?
    At a school of sleep medicine, courses structured to provide clinical and essentially relevant medical skills to set up a sleep medicine practice. We have weekend 1 and 2 nodules that can be accessible to practicing physicians, residents and fellows. Courses offered covered a wide array of sleep medicine essentials, they are conducted in an informal small classroom environment with emphasis on personalized attention.

  • What is the scope of Sleep Medicine in India?
    Sleep medicine is a multidisciplinary branch which can be practiced exclusively or in combination with core clinical practices of pulmonology, ENT, neurology, cardiology, Gen. practice, dentistry and psychiatry. This field has grown rapidly, and continues to do so with increase in public awareness, newer and more accessible diagnostic modalities and therapeutic options.

  • Are these courses recognized or helpful for certification examinations?
    ASSM can help build the foundation. The case discussions as well as pre/post tests and resources provided have been found to be very useful for certification examinations. Most of our alumni choose to complete all modules offered, and have set up successful sleep practices.

  • Will a course certification improve my reimbursement?
    ASSM certifications sit to apart from you peers. Sleep medicine CMEs are essential for institutional growth. Accredited sleep laboratories offer higher reimbursement to certified technician.

  • Can you comment on the ASSM faculty?
    The ASSM faculty consists off renowned national as well as international experts. Multidisciplinary specialties including radiology, ENT, dental courses are incorporated into the curriculum. Faculty-students ratio is low encouraging interaction and offering a unique opportunity to establish relationships and provide networking for future endeavors.

  • •Do You Offer Job Placement Assistance?
    While we do not offer job placement, we often receive phone calls from Sleep Disorder Clinics who are looking for employees. The certificate of completion of the program that you receive may make you a more desirable candidate for a position.

  • •How many People usually do the course?
    There is a maximum of 20 places available for full enrolment. The small number ensures that practical groups are of a size that allows all students to participate and obtain the most benefit from the course.

  • •What is the venue and date for the course?
    The course is conducted on 25 - 26 February,2012 at The Palms, Gurgaon.
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